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Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) operations actively pursued growth opportunities throughout the region in 2021, producing exceptional results in the financial solutions business and advancing future-focused initiatives across all products and business lines.

Life Reinsurance In Force (as of December 31, 2021)
2021 Total Revenues
2021 Net Premiums

EMEA Operations Net Premiums

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Tony Cheng
Tony Cheng
Executive Vice President,
Head of EMEA, Asia, and Australia
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RGA EMEA supports clients from offices in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Primary areas of focus include individual and group life, credit life and living benefits, health, longevity, and capital solutions. RGA also serves the region as an industry thought leader, and in 2021 delivered in-demand insights on COVID-19 topics and other urgent issues via regional and local webinars, online articles, and virtual meetings. RGA was ranked #1 on NMG Consulting’s 2021 All Respondent Business Capability Index for the EMEA region in aggregate for the ninth consecutive year, as well as in the Germany, Italy, Poland, and South Africa markets.

Strong earnings for Global Financial Solutions (GFS) in the region offset COVID-19-related claim costs in traditional lines, to produce $64 million in pre-tax income overall in 2021. Through efforts to enable clients to meet growing consumer demand for insurance coverage, RGA EMEA produced significant new organic business growth. The segment exceeded $2 billion in premiums for the first time as part of $2.4 billion in total revenues, a 16% increase over 2020.

Traditional business lines built on established market strength to expand product offerings and make insurance protection more accessible to underserved populations. In the U.K., RGA maintained its leading market share in mortality business, reinsuring nearly half of all new term life policies written in 2021, while also exploring emerging opportunities in critical illness (CI) coverage. Similarly, the South Africa team leveraged its status as the market’s leading life and health reinsurer to develop a range of solutions, from mental health services to holistic cancer coverage. In Spain and Portugal, RGA worked with clients to meet demand for new CI solutions among aging populations. For self-employed workers, RGA France partnered with a digital broker on a long-term protection product focused on this growing consumer segment.

Working in collaboration with RGAX innovation specialists, RGA EMEA solidified its position as a leading provider of digital insurance solutions in 2021.

Working in collaboration with RGAX innovation specialists, RGA EMEA solidified its position as a leading provider of digital insurance solutions in 2021. In Italy, where RGA helped develop the market’s first end-to-end digital life insurance journey, the team continued to pioneer new ways of leveraging technology to better serve consumers. RGA Middle East partnered with an online distribution platform to support insurers’ digitalization journey and successfully onboarded multiple clients. In Central and Eastern Europe, initiatives to make a range of digital distribution channels available to clients aimed to accelerate business growth through new product development.

GFS in EMEA enjoyed a very successful year, generating $303 million in pre-tax income, an increase of 17% over 2020. Longevity business, which helped diversify RGA’s portfolio amid high COVID-19-related mortality claims, produced especially strong results, adding new business through both established flow structures and in-force transactions. In the Netherlands, a long-term commitment to the market and the trusted expertise of the local team resulted in the successful execution of three large longevity transactions, covering more than €14 billion in underlying reserves. Amid ongoing economic, regulatory, and accounting changes, GFS continued to partner with clients throughout the region to optimize capital and fuel business growth.