Worldwide Operations

Worldwide Operations

  • Alain Néemeh

    The work we do at RGA matters. By supporting the ongoing growth and resilience of our clients and the industry, we ultimately help bring financial security to people when most needed, and in 2020 the need was greater than ever.

    Alain Néemeh

    Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Diversified global growth

  • Worldwide operations
  • Annual Growth in Total Revenues

    (27-year CAGR since IPO, 1993-2020)

    Through decades of steady expansion, RGA has grown to become a global life and health reinsurance leader, serving clients in markets worldwide.

For RGA’s global operations in 2020, extraordinary circumstances required an extraordinary response, and our dedicated teams around the world delivered exactly that – for our company, our clients, our industry, and our communities. Our successes this year, even amid ongoing adversity, demonstrated the resilience of our global franchise, the advantages of our diversified business lines, and the power of our long-term, client-focused strategy.

Overall, the global RGA enterprise performed well in 2020, maintaining profitability despite record-level claim costs due to COVID-19. Years of preparation by our Business Continuity team provided a roadmap and equipped RGA to successfully navigate an uncertain landscape. Amid the challenges of remote work and a constantly changing industry environment, leaders kept their teams motivated and focused, and our workforce responded with truly remarkable execution.

In 2020, RGA was ranked #1 for the tenth consecutive year on NMG Consulting’s Global All Respondent Business Capability Index (BCI), based on feedback from insurance executives worldwide.

Client centricity, a core tenet of RGA’s business philosophy, attained even greater significance in 2020. From the start of the pandemic, our employees proactively supported our client partners in all aspects of their businesses. For example, we issued an early bulletin on the emerging risk of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and have refined and updated our COVID-19 underwriting guidance ever since. Meanwhile, our actuaries and data scientists modeled pandemic scenarios to help clients with pricing, and our claims specialists developed sensible strategies to adjudicate claims. Across the organization, a commitment to bringing added value to clients drove adaptative innovation.

RGA worked on behalf of the industry as pandemic-driven uncertainty increased demand for thought leadership and timely, trusted insights. To make up for the lack of in-person meetings and events, our thought leaders produced hundreds of webcasts and articles, as well as in-depth white papers and research reports. The number of attendees at virtual events – from the 8th Annual RGA Fraud Conference to the RGA Global Client Actuarial Seminar – far exceeded previous attendance records. In a report published in early 2021, RGA and RGAX subsidiary TAI collaborated with the Society of Actuaries and LIMRA to produce an analysis of U.S. individual life COVID-19 mortality claims.

The work we do at RGA matters. By supporting the ongoing growth and resilience of our clients and the industry, we ultimately help bring financial security to people when most needed, and in 2020 the need was greater than ever.

    • Michael Keating
      Michael Keating

      Vice President, Business Continuity Management

    Long-standing, dedicated team prepared RGA for pandemic

    “Previous work was essential for business continuity, allowing RGA to start seeing trends and modifying business operations earlier than others.”



Ron Herrmann
Ron Herrmann

Executive Vice President, Head of U.S. and Latin American Markets

Partnering for the future

“I am determined to leverage my decades of experience on the direct side of the business to help strengthen the partnerships between RGA and our carrier clients.”

Catie Muccigrosso
Catie Muccigrosso

Vice President, Underwriting Operations, U.S. Mortality Markets

Accelerating the future of underwriting

“The pandemic has hastened the evolution of the industry and highlighted that in-depth knowledge, preparation, and flexibility are more essential than ever.”

Jesús Spínola Grandio
Jesús Spínola Grandio

Chief Marketing Officer, Latin America

Jorge Campa
Jorge Campa

Chief Executive Officer, Latin America

Digital platform provides exclusive Type 2 diabetes care in Mexico

“Digital solutions that leverage advanced technologies to reach underserved consumers offer growth opportunities for RGA.”


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