Risk Solutions

A global operating platform and dedicated focus on life, health, and living benefits reinsurance uniquely positions RGA to help insurers worldwide effectively and profitably manage risk. In 2019, RGA combined established capabilities and expertise with innovative new approaches to create customized risk management solutions for client partners.

Net Premiums by Region

RGA 2019 Risk Net Premiums
(26-year CAGR since IPO, 1993-2019)
Mario Valero, Jeff Birkholz, Ann Riley, and Karen Lipka
From left: Mario Valero, Process Change Consultant, Global Shared Services Administration Operations; Jeff Birkholz, Senior Vice President, Head of Administration Operations, U.S. Mortality Markets and Group; Ann Riley, Vice President, Claims and Treaty Development Services, U.S. Mortality Markets Operations; Karen Lipka, Executive Director, Financial Control and Client Audit, U.S. Mortality Markets Operations.

RGA Builds on Leadership in Mortality Business

RGA continued to serve the industry as a global leader in mortality reinsurance in 2019, ending the year with $3.5 trillion of life reinsurance in force. A growing portfolio of mortality products included individual and group-issued term life, whole life, universal life, and joint and last survivor life, among other coverages developed in response to evolving market needs. Multidisciplinary teams partnered with clients to reach underinsured populations and to integrate streamlined processes – from digital distribution to automated claims adjudication – into the life insurance customer journey.

Risk assessment expertise remained a core strength and a competitive advantage as RGA underwriters achieved a new milestone in 2019: more than 8 million facultative cases reviewed worldwide since tracking began in 1979. Underwriters also collaborated with RGA’s Global Research and Data Analytics (GRDA) team to create data-driven, technology-enabled risk assessment solutions and adapt market-specific innovations to serve clients worldwide. GRDA expanded efforts to help lead clients – and the industry – into a new era of data literacy and advanced analytics, championing strategic and responsible data use and applying behavioral science expertise to generate new insights.

An enterprise-wide focus on existing and emerging client needs fueled ongoing service refinement. RGA completed the worldwide rollout of its redesigned and re-platformed Global Underwriting Manual in 2019 to provide clients instant online access to risk classification information and help underwriters make fair and knowledgeable decisions. A revamped Global Claims Guide similarly provided new tools and enhanced resources to streamline claims processing. In the U.S., SUP (Strategic Underwriting Program) reviewed a near-record number of cases and, to complement existing support from RGA underwriters, added staffing assistance from RGA medical directors. Additional locally targeted solutions enabled clients to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and better serve customers
in markets around the world.

Patrick Hurley, Alden Skar, and Jeffrey Schuh
From left, from U.S. Group Reinsurance: Patrick Hurley, Vice President and Actuary, Life, Accident, and Special Risk; Alden Skar, Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary; Jeffrey Schuh, Vice President and Actuary, Disability and Critical Illness.

Group Team Creates New Growth Opportunities

RGA supports group insurers through a range of customized products and services, including life, disability, healthcare, accident, critical illness, and catastrophe coverage. In 2019, group reinsurance experts partnered with clients to serve customers in target markets within every region in which RGA operates.

In addition to supporting group carriers with traditional reinsurance services, RGA leveraged data analytics, digital technologies, and advances in medicine to explore new consumer engagement opportunities, including integrated wellness programs. Collaborative teams worked to adapt innovations developed on the individual side, such as data-driven risk scoring models, and broaden their application within the group space. For group carriers seeking to differentiate themselves, RGA’s value-added services provided a competitive advantage and new paths to growth across the insurance value chain.

U.S. Group Reinsurance produced solid results both for RGA and for clients in 2019. The Life and Disability team continued to pioneer the application of predictive analytics in the group space to aid in risk selection, including the development of a new prescription scoring model. On the healthcare side, RGA’s comprehensive portfolio – excess of loss, quota share, and self-funded turnkey solutions – provided end-to-end services to meet an expanding variety of market needs. This unique “one healthcare” approach was received enthusiastically by clients seeking flexibility within a dynamic health insurance environment.

RGA’s ROSE® Consulting Group, a nurse-led medical risk advisory program, saved U.S. health insurers $19.8 million in 2019, bringing total client savings to more than $420 million since 1984. Through a targeted client engagement program, ROSE consultants traveled to carrier partners to conduct specialized trainings and cost-containment education events. The ROSE team also continued to develop resources, including a new specialty pharmacy management tool, to help clients manage complex claims and increase operational efficiency.

Silvana Surlas, Adriano de Matteis, Roberto Rizzo, and Roberta D’Ascenzi
From left, from RGA Italy: Silvana Surlas, Head of Health; Adriano de Matteis, Managing Director, RGA Italy and Chief Marketing Officer, RGA EMEA; Roberto Rizzo, Head of Life Business Development; Roberta D’Ascenzi, Head of Operations.

Global Health Delivers Sustainable Solutions

Building on a commitment to health as a long-term strategic priority, RGA made forward-looking investments in systems, processes, and people in 2019. The Global Health team expanded efforts to build out digital and technological infrastructure as well as data analytics capabilities in support of next-generation client solutions, including claims automation. Amid dynamic healthcare, regulatory, and consumer environments around the globe, RGA proactively innovated to help carriers increase consumer engagement, reduce cost of care, and bring sustainable health solutions to market.

In addition to partnering with multinational insurers, Global Health worked with local RGA teams to develop customized client solutions. RGA helped address the need for senior medical products in China, leveraged market leadership in Indonesia to explore additional opportunities in Southeast Asia, and supported the continued implementation of compulsory private health insurance in the Middle East. The Italy office was recognized for product innovation at the 2019 Health & Medmal Insurance Summit for solutions ranging from a bank-distributed, cancer-only medical reimbursement product to Italy’s first health product featuring a fully digital customer journey. In Mexico, RGA developed a groundbreaking new digital product for launch in 2020 covering the market’s underserved diabetic population. The offering wraps diabetes coverage within a comprehensive lifestyle and disease management platform to improve consumer health outcomes.

The U.S. Individual Health (long-term care) team applied advanced technical expertise, disciplined quality assurance, and strategic portfolio management to strengthen client relationships and generate solid earnings in 2019. As insurers navigated a challenging industry environment to serve a growing elderly population, RGA continued to explore emerging opportunities and worked to bring new product concepts to market.