Through forward-thinking insurance services and innovation initiatives, RGAX partners with clients to address current challenges, explore new possibilities, and build the future of insurance.

In 2020, the ongoing evolution of insurance toward technology-enabled, data-driven, and consumer-focused products was thrown forward by the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying remote working environment. RGAX empowered clients to successfully navigate this dynamic industry landscape.

Moving forward together

Launched in 2015 as a transformation engine for the insurance industry, RGAX is an extension of RGA’s decades-long commitment to innovation. Applying advances in digitalization, data analytics, and new ways of thinking, RGAX collaborates with clients and partners to help close the global insurance coverage gap, improve consumer engagement, and take on the industry’s biggest challenges.

Dennis Barnes

RGA has always been an innovator, and RGAX builds on that legacy by proactively exploring emerging trends and implementing new ways of doing business to deliver next-generation products and solutions. Inspiring and guiding these efforts is consistent with our mission to help people live longer, healthier, more financially secure lives.

Dennis Barnes

Chief Executive Officer, RGAX

The events of 2020 brought transformative change to insurance in a matter of months that would have otherwise taken years. Consumers isolated in their homes sought new ways to purchase coverage online. Insurers’ inability to gather traditional underwriting evidence such as blood tests or paramedical exams triggered increased demand for accelerated risk assessment using new sources and forms of data. While the economic and operational disruption caused some insurtechs and startups to fold or be purchased, other forward-thinking endeavors thrived, including RGAX insurance services and innovation projects. 

Insurance services accelerate the customer journey

RGAX is unique among industry innovators in providing a suite of cutting-edge insurance services alongside new product development and sales process enhancements. In 2020, urgent demand for increased efficiency in operations and automation in service delivery built on ongoing momentum to fuel an active year for RGAX’s portfolio of insurance services.

TAI (Tindall Associates, Inc.), the U.S. market leader in reinsurance software and consulting services, continued its global expansion in markets such as South Africa and the U.K. and produced record-high revenues in 2020. In North America, TAI partnered with MIB and seven primary insurers to conduct a successful pilot program to better identify jumbo policy violations across multiple companies’ new and in-force life insurance applications, a solution that promises enhanced risk management for the insurance industry. To deepen the understanding of COVID-19’s impact on individual life insurance mortality, TAI partnered with LIMRA and the Society of Actuaries to conduct a mortality analysis and an experience study on the disease.

AURA NEXT, a leading automated underwriting decision management platform, enjoyed a landmark year in 2020, signing a record number of new clients, receiving the prestigious XCelent award in the “Customer Client Base” category, and completing an SOC (Service Organization Control) 2 Type II attestation for the effectiveness of its controls. As insurers’ digital activity and acceleration initiatives gained momentum, AURA NEXT provided the technological foundation for many of RGAX’s advanced solutions.

With the spike in life and disability claims due to COVID-19, SALT Associates, a U.S. claims management consulting firm, worked on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis: assisting consumers experiencing the loss of a loved one, lost wages, or increased medical bills, as well as helping clients implement responsive and sound claims adjudication. APEXA, a platform for processing advisor contracts throughout the Canadian market, continued to onboard agents and insurance companies in 2020, creating a digital connection between insurers and advisors. The underwriting services businesses of RGAX worked together to help insurers manage the impact of such an unusual year on their underwriting teams.

Collaboration fuels innovation

RGAX launched a wide range of targeted innovations around the world in 2020 as collaborative teams, guided by the joint RGAX-RGA global product framework, teamed up with clients and partners to meet consumers’ changing needs.

Sherry Du

RGA and RGAX integrate established risk knowledge with the latest technology and data insights to deliver more comprehensive and customized solutions, helping to close the protection gap for end consumers. Our innovations combine cutting-edge insurtech with the guaranteed decisions and experience of a global reinsurance leader to deliver results that our clients trust.

Sherry Du

Managing Director, RGAX Asia Pacific

In North America, RGAX collaborated with colleagues across the RGA enterprise to advance digital delivery and data-driven risk management solutions, leveraging existing tools to identify new market applications. The RGAX team in the U.S. played a key role in helping RGA bring innovation from the individual to the group space with the launch of Group RiskDimensionsSM, a suite of digital tools that turn complex health and financial data into actionable mortality and morbidity risk scores. In Canada, RGAX and RGA partnered with a leading insurer to provide customized life insurance online through a digital insurance advisor to improve the user experience, streamline the sales process, and increase conversions.

The RGAX EMEA team explored new digital distribution channels and new targeted services – such as a best-practice cancer-only product for digital distribution and “femtech” digital health engagement propositions focusing on women’s needs – while bringing tested solutions to market. RGAX partner YuLife, which combines app-led, gamified wellness technology with group life and other insurance products, ended 2020 with over 100,000 lives insured and is growing rapidly. UnderwritingPal, RGAX’s plug-and-play digital underwriting solution powered by AURA NEXT, was successfully integrated with a U.K. third-party administrator. Throughout the region, RGAX brought insurers, distribution companies, and tech startups together to identify gaps in the insurance ecosystem and co-create solutions to address them. 

RGAX Asia Pacific collaborated with colleagues to leverage RGA’s data analytics and risk management expertise in addressing growing demand to digitize the insurance customer journey. In China, this collaboration resulted in a senior medical product offered through a leading digital distributor. A range of digital underwriting enhancements in Japan included the first commercial deployment of MegaOCR, an optical character recognition product to digitize health check forms. In Southeast Asia, RGAX signed agreements with multiple digital brokers to develop and sell RGA health products. Advances in the way insurance is bought and sold in the region offer promising opportunities to better serve customers, and RGAX stands on the leading edge of this industry transformation.

    • Tonya Blackmore
      Tonya Blackmore

      Senior Vice President, Head of SaaS, RGAX

    Client focus results in record year for AURA NEXT

    “The recently refreshed platform features expanded rule sets and embedded data analytics, is highly scalable, and allows for seamless integration.”


    • Carolyn Balfany
      Carolyn Balfany

      Vice President, Product Management Lead, RGAX

    Framing the future of insurance

    “RGA’s global product framework is a new way of working that ultimately helps develop, launch, and support commercially competitive products and solutions.”

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