Responsible Business

Responsible Business

  • Gay Burns

    Adversity reveals character, and the events of 2020 showed the high caliber of people we have assembled at RGA, as well as the purpose-driven culture we share.

    Gay Burns

    Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

As I write this, the RGA workforce continues to follow remote working protocols as determined by our Pandemic Risk Team in response to COVID-19. In fact, with the percentage of our employees working remotely having reached as high as 98%, most have not met in person with another RGA employee in over a year. For an organization that prides itself on its collaborative culture, this physical separation has presented unique challenges. Yet remarkably, though we have been working apart, in so many ways the events of the past year have brought us closer together. As an organization, we have persevered to become an even stronger RGA.

From the beginning of the pandemic, our top priority was the health, safety, and well-being of our workforce, and this guided operational decision-making at all levels.

We provided regular communications with updates on the virus, strategies and methods for remote working, and wellness resources for employees and their families. Onboarding and leadership training were quickly and seamlessly transitioned to virtual programs. Human resources teams around the world worked directly with managers to make sure all employees were supported – as professionals and as people – and provided guidance on ways to keep productivity high. We made sure employees knew they could adapt their schedule and take time off as needed to adjust their lives to the new reality.

As a socially responsible enterprise, RGA responded to the events of 2020 with decisive actions. This included record-level grants from the RGA Foundation, as well as employee gift matching, to support COVID-19 relief efforts around the world. With racial unrest in the U.S. leading to a global call for racial equity, RGA re-emphasized its long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion through clear statements of support, a series of town hall meetings to discuss the issue, establishment of diversity councils, and expanding contribution matching to organizations dedicated to racial justice.

Ultimately, it was our employees themselves who made 2020 a truly inspiring time to be part of RGA. From every corner of the global RGA family, stories emerged of individuals and teams persevering through unprecedented challenges and overcoming any obstacles necessary to serve clients, local communities, and one another. Adversity reveals character, and the events of 2020 showed the high caliber of people we have assembled at RGA, as well as the purpose-driven culture we share.

    • Suzy Scanlon
      Suzy Scanlon

      Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer

    Connecting the global workforce via technology

    “Despite the physical separation, in many ways RGA employees became more connected to one another, to clients, and to partners.”


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Lydia Aguerre
Lydia Aguerre

Senior Vice President, Global Organization & Talent Development and EMEA Human Resources

Taking care of RGA’s greatest asset

“RGA invests significant resources to provide an environment in which our employees can continually learn and grow through all stages of their careers.”

Dr. Dan Zimmerman
Dr. Dan Zimmerman

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical and Managing Director, Longer Life Foundation

Supporting scientific research for longer, healthier lives

“The Longer Life Foundation reflects RGA’s long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility and our passion for improving people’s lives.”

Matt Blakely
Matt Blakely

Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Sound corporate governance helps guide ethical business practices

“RGA’s commitment to best governance and ethics practices, one of the company’s strengths since the beginning, took significant steps forward in 2020.”


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