Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

  • Jonathan Porter

    We take a disciplined, long-term approach to risk management with the goal of securing the future of our company, our client partners, and our industry.

    Jonathan Porter

    Executive Vice President and Global Chief Risk Officer

Risk is our business at RGA – insurers partner with us to mitigate risk and unlock new ways to prosper and grow. Everything we do involves risk, so we have made risk management an integral part of our culture and the responsibility of every RGA employee. Throughout the enterprise, we take a disciplined, long-term approach to risk management with the goal of securing the future of our company, our client partners, and our industry.

The events of 2020 tested RGA’s risk readiness at every level of the organization, and our people and processes faced that challenge well. As a global life and health reinsurer, RGA has long understood the potential for major risks such as a global pandemic, and our ongoing contingency planning prepared us well for COVID-19. Our teams transitioned seamlessly to remote working through adherence to established protocols, adaptability when necessary, and exceptional technical execution. For clients relying on RGA’s vital services, guidance, and financial protection, we delivered uninterrupted support. RGA exists to enable insurers to provide financial security for people in times of need, and we were ready when needed most.

A long-term strategy coupled with short-term flexibility produced stable operations across all business lines and positive results overall in 2020.

Our traditional reinsurance business continued to provide carriers with the reliable protection they have counted on for more than four decades. The Global Financial Solutions team produced another strong year, partnering with clients to strengthen their capital position and accelerate business growth. And RGAX helped insurers meet the challenges and opportunities of the industry’s ongoing transformation, which gained significant momentum in 2020.

Risk management is typically described in the context of avoiding losses, but RGA understands the power of risk management to also preserve and enhance value. Sustained growth comes from the ability to make better and more disciplined decisions. This requires evolving with the industry, working constantly to anticipate change, and moving forward in a prudent yet opportunistic way. At RGA, we know that standing still may be the greatest risk of all.

    • Stephanie Koch
      Stephanie Koch

      Senior Vice President, Global Analytics and In-force Management

    Pandemic risk modeling crucial to navigating the crisis

    “The critical role modeling expertise plays in advancing RGA’s mission has never been more evident than it was in 2020.”



Dr. Dan Zimmerman
Dr. Dan Zimmerman

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical

Dr. Dave Rengachary
Dr. Dave Rengachary

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Director, U.S. Mortality Markets

RGA medical directors provide expert insights during pandemic

“The medical team equipped clients with a deeper understanding of the latest mortality, morbidity, and healthcare developments and trends.”

Doug Knowling
Doug Knowling

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Global Data and Analytics

Building trust through ethical data practices

“At RGA, effective analysis of data is integral to our business, and responsible use of that data requires the constant assessment of practices across our global operations."

Karen Edgerton
Karen Edgerton

Senior Vice President, Stable Value, Global Financial Solutions

Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers

Senior Analyst, Stable Value, Global Financial Solutions

Commitment leads to smart, disciplined growth for stable value team

“While the stable value industry grew 15%, RGA’s stable value business experienced even greater growth and enjoyed its most successful year ever.”


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