Excellent financial results in Canada reflected successful execution of RGA’s growth strategy and continued momentum across all business lines.

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RGA Canada engages primarily in traditional individual life reinsurance, while also providing leading creditor, group life and health, individual health, critical illness, disability, and longevity reinsurance products and services. In 2019, annual net premiums in Canada surpassed $1.1 billion, increasing 8% over 2018. Favorable claims experience drove pre-tax income of $183 million, a 50% increase over the previous year. RGA Canada remains the recognized market leader: Ceding companies ranked RGA #1 in NMG Consulting’s 2019 All Respondent Business Capability Index in Canada for the 11th consecutive survey.

RGA Canada continued to enhance its client engagement framework in 2019, which meaningfully contributed to sustained business growth. This relationship-focused, goal-oriented approach to doing business provided a deeper strategic understanding of clients’ business objectives and needs. More-informed partnerships enabled RGA to better prioritize services, integrate product lines, and create impactful solutions for clients.

Jean-Pierre Cormier, Élizabeth Boulanger, James Ciamarro, and Marc-André Harvey
From left, from RGA Canada: Jean-Pierre Cormier, Vice President, Product Development and Pricing, Individual Life; Élizabeth Boulanger, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; James Ciamarro, Vice President, Longevity; Marc-André Harvey, Director and Actuary, Reinsurance Optimization Solutions.

RGA remained the leading facultative reinsurer in Canada, where underwriters reviewed a record 44,516 facultative cases in 2019. Facultative business represented 16% of RGA’s share of new business production. The year also saw one of Canada’s leading carriers implement AURA®, RGA’s automated underwriting decision-management solution, and two other insurers upgrade to the re-architected version of this advanced risk assessment platform. Ongoing underwriting digitalization and modernization initiatives solidified RGA’s position as a business partner of choice for the evolution of underwriting.

The Canadian team continued to strengthen and diversify its portfolio of products and services by leveraging the breadth and depth of RGA’s global enterprise. A living benefits initiative brought together RGA Canada and experts from other markets to apply best practices and develop new solutions in this line of business. Collaboration with RGAX generated a range of new innovations and growth opportunities, including MedScore, a data-driven analytical tool to aid in risk assessment and improve pricing in group business.

Global Financial Solutions (GFS) produced another solid year in Canada and increased pre-tax income by 50% over 2018. As the Canadian insurance industry continued to adapt to new capital requirements, GFS worked with clients to execute transactions that optimize capital efficiency and provide access to the value of in-force blocks of business. The team’s efforts to help insurers prepare for upcoming changes to accounting standards further established RGA as a trusted partner and financial solutions leader.

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Leadership Q&A

Alka Gautam

President and Chief Executive Officer, RGA Canada

Alka Gautam

What is RGA doing to advance the Canadian insurance industry?

Through active participation in industry organizations, events, publications, and initiatives, RGA is helping address the most urgent challenges facing insurers. We took a leading role at international industry events in Toronto in 2019. We also hosted our first RGAX Technovate Lab in Montreal and conducted a five-city “roadshow” to bring claims and underwriting thought leadership to clients. RGAX became a founding sponsor of ACCESS 2022, an initiative to improve Canadians’ access to their personal health information and to digitally delivered healthcare. We understand the vital role insurance plays in Canada’s economy and society and are dedicated to promoting the industry’s long-term sustainability.

How is RGA Canada helping clients meet the needs of today’s insurance customer?

Changing demographics and consumer expectations are driving insurers to adapt processes and innovate to reach new customers and simplify the buying experience. While new data sources, digital technologies, and distribution channels have opened exciting possibilities, bringing workable solutions to market often proves challenging. RGA, in coordination with RGAX, facilitates this process by providing data analytics, risk assessment, and innovation expertise, and by connecting our clients to insurtechs and other forward-thinking partners. Together, we are creating solutions to accelerate the underwriting process and streamline the customer journey.

What is your long-term vision for RGA in Canada?

We will continue to execute our proven strategy and proactively identify and pursue accretive growth opportunities with our clients. As regulatory, accounting, and economic changes drive demand for new solutions, our team’s deep market knowledge, subject matter expertise, and demonstrated ability to execute fuel RGA’s ability to strengthen long-term and multi-level partnerships. The industry’s digital and data-driven transformation is underway, and RGA is combining established capabilities with new knowledge and skill sets to serve as clients’ partner of choice in the insurance innovation ecosystem. We are the market leader in Canada, and we intend to extend and expand that leadership in the years to come.