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Knowledge Sharing Grows Business and Builds Trust

RGA has become a trusted partner and a leading source of valuable insights, both for our clients and for the industry.

RGA has long been recognized for its industry-leading expertise in life and health reinsurance. Our company’s nearly 50-year track record of success has been built on the ability of RGA subject matter experts – from underwriters and actuaries to claims analysts and data scientists – to work closely with clients, get to know their businesses, and together create innovative solutions. In the process, RGA has become a trusted partner and a leading source of valuable insights, both for our clients and for the industry.

This work has taken on added importance throughout the pandemic, with RGA playing an instrumental role in helping insurers respond to the many unknowns of COVID-19 and its impact. Subject matter experts in areas such as medical risk assessment, digital distribution, and product pricing have provided advice and insights into how the disease could affect all aspects of insurance. Meanwhile, as part of an ongoing, enterprise-wide thought leadership program, RGA’s steady stream of knowledge-sharing on other important industry issues and future-focused solutions has continued unabated.

In 2021, to make up for limitations on in-person meetings and events, our thought leaders produced hundreds of webcasts, videos, and articles, as well as a range of newsletters, podcasts, and in-depth white papers. RGA sponsored and provided featured presenters for major industry conferences and hosted our own virtual events, such as the Global Client Actuarial Seminar and the 9th Annual RGA Fraud Conference. To benchmark industry trends, our research team conducted local, regional, and global surveys and issued a landmark series of reports on insurers’ current activities and future plans related to wellness, genetics, and eldercare.   

RGAX built on its role as a transformation engine for the insurance industry through a variety of thought leadership initiatives in 2021. The Technovate webinar series inspired discussions around the impacts of technology and innovation on the life insurance industry, with topics ranging from data protection to wearable devices. An integrated “Future of Healthcare” multimedia campaign in EMEA provided engaging content on three trending topics: eldercare, digitization, and behavioral science. A collaboration among RGA, RGAX, RGA subsidiary TAI, and industry partner MIB produced a successful communications campaign around jumbo policy violations and a new shared solution to prevent them.

For the sixth consecutive year, ceding companies ranked RGA #1 in thought leadership and knowledge on NMG Consulting’s Global Life & Health Reinsurance Study. We intend to build on this success and have integrated thought leadership into our enterprise strategy so that RGA remains a trusted source of actionable insights for our clients and the industry.