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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

RGA fosters a culture where people are accepted and embraced for who they are. We understand that diversity in our workforce brings diversity of ideas and more creative, impactful solutions for our clients and the people they serve.

Ray Kleeman
Ray Kleeman
Executive Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer
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RGA is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace that respects and embraces people of all backgrounds and abilities. We believe – and our experience shows – that treating each other with dignity at all times and celebrating our authentic, unique selves makes us a stronger company. By fostering an environment where our employees feel comfortable and confident in sharing diverse perspectives, RGA inspires new ideas and creative solutions. The innovative products and services that we produce as a result enable our clients to provide financial protection to more people.

RGA’s long-standing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) starts at the leadership level. In 2021, the Women’s Forum of New York again recognized RGA for the company’s role in advancing gender parity in the boardroom for having at least 35% of board seats held by women. RGA also expanded our DEI curriculum, which already included Everyday (unconscious) Bias training and Respect in the Workplace training for all employees, by adding inclusive leadership training, beginning with our most senior leaders. In addition, we introduced a new training for managers on how to remove bias from interviewing.

By fostering an environment where our employees feel comfortable and confident in sharing diverse perspectives, RGA inspires new ideas and creative solutions.

To ensure our compensation practices are equitable, RGA conducts an annual pay equity study using an external consulting firm. Once again in 2021, results showed we are achieving our goals:

RGA expanded support services throughout the organization in 2021, including a new DEI site on the company’s intranet platform that provides resources and information on DEI-related issues as well as updates on RGA’s DEI activities around the globe. We also launched our Communities of Care program, which brings together a range of support groups for employees facing similar challenges during the pandemic, including employees who live alone, parents of babies and toddlers, and caregivers to disabled or elderly relatives.

DEI issues differ by region and country, and our Regional Diversity and Inclusion Committees across four global regions help reinforce our inclusive culture. Local offices have developed their own programs to engage and promote the well-being of their employees, including speaker series, development classes, and community involvement opportunities. For example, RGA Japan’s psychological safety program provides a framework for personal interaction and promotes an understanding of how to accommodate different points of view.

Our research indicates that these efforts are paying off. In 2021, RGA’s company-wide engagement survey produced the following results:

At RGA, we believe in the power of an inclusive culture to fuel innovation and drive success. We have accordingly integrated DEI into our enterprise growth strategy and will continue to promote the benefits of diversity and cultivate a shared sense of belonging. Every employee is important and valued at RGA, and individual perspectives, experiences, and differences are what make us strong.