RGA Canada maintained strong momentum across all business lines in 2020, partnering with clients to address immediate needs while creating long-term risk and capital management solutions.

Primarily engaging in traditional individual life reinsurance, Canada operations also provide leading creditor, group life and health, individual health, critical illness, disability, and longevity reinsurance products and services.

Net premiums in Canada surpassed $1 billion for the third consecutive year as business volume remained consistent across lines amid pandemic-driven disruption. RGA Canada’s client engagement framework helped fuel this continued success, providing a proven, goal-oriented approach to conducting business. Despite COVID-19’s adverse impact on claims experience, RGA Canada generated pre-tax income of $155 million, reflecting the strength of the segment’s diversified lines of business.

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Alka Gautam

RGA Canada executed a seamless pivot to continue providing standard-setting client support and engagement in 2020’s virtual environment. Our empowered and engaged workforce brings a level of professionalism and commitment that has always distinguished RGA in this market.

Alka Gautam

President and Chief Executive Officer, RGA Canada

Lockdown measures and social distancing protocols accelerated market forces already driving the evolution of the industry, leading insurers to continue to innovate, adapt processes, and simplify the buying experience. RGA Canada, in coordination with RGAX, applied new data sources, digital technologies, and distribution channels to reach new customers. The shared capabilities of RGA, RGAX, and a key client delivered a digital solution designed to facilitate end-to-end sales and reach more uninsured and underinsured people.

RGA strengthened its position as Canada’s market leader in facultative underwriting. The underwriting team reviewed nearly 35,000 facultative cases during the year, which represented close to 15% of RGA Canada’s new business production in 2020. More than ever, RGA’s clients and partners turned to AURA NEXT as their e-underwriting solution of choice, and RGAX worked to expand applications for this leading decision management platform.

As the pandemic accelerated innovation initiatives market-wide, RGA combined established underwriting expertise with advanced data analytics and technical capabilities to deliver future-focused solutions.

Global Financial Solutions in Canada, which specializes in longevity reinsurance and fee-based services, sustained momentum built in recent years while addressing client needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Pre-tax income of $21 million, compared with $15 million in 2019, reflected favorable longevity experience and increased fees from new business. Regulatory pressures from new solvency requirements (LICAT) and upcoming accounting standards (IFRS 17) continued to drive business activity in Canada.

RGA’s long-standing commitment to the Canadian insurance industry reached a new level of engagement in 2020. With insurers seeking guidance and assurance early in the pandemic, RGA thought leaders shared expert knowledge through client outreach, online events, and published papers to address key COVID-19 issues. As the virtual business environment took shape, RGA presented on a range of topics at Canadian insurance conferences and hosted its own continuing education sessions and events, leading a collaborative dialogue to help shape the future of the industry.

    • Braam Kruger
      Braam Kruger

      Vice President, Business Development, RGA Canada

    Collaboration fuels innovative end-to-end life insurance solution

    “RGA and RGAX teams worked closely with an insurer to facilitate execution and ensure product delivery.”


    • Martin Houle
      Martin Houle

      Vice President, Business Development, RGA Canada

    Client engagement framework contributes to sustained business growth

    “Built-in flexibility allows RGA and our clients to adapt to market changes and customize solutions to meet specific needs.”

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