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  • Sergi Turabelidze

    Investment Solutions remained committed to strengthening and diversifying investment operations to make delivering innovative financial solutions possible in 2020.

    Sergi Turabelidze

    Vice President, Head of Investment Solutions

RGA’s Investment Solutions professionals based across North America, Europe, and Asia develop and execute liability-driven investment strategies, including portfolio construction and repositioning to support the acquisition of new reinsurance business. In 2020, our team helped pursue and facilitate many diverse transactions, working closely with relevant RGA business units as well as clients.

The team’s success has been driven by innovation and true collaboration, which were more important than ever in 2020. Every transaction is unique and therefore often requires customization and a new structuring approach – all while adhering to RGA’s established discipline in investment risk, execution risk, and asset-liability matching.

As a reputable and trusted counterparty, RGA provides security for clients in challenging times.

The Investment Solutions team is an extension of RGA’s vital role in the industry, valued for our:

  • Reputation: Clients know that they can rely on us.
  • Execution certainty: We stick to proposed timelines and guarantee delivery.
  • Transparency: We keep communication channels open.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we remained committed to strengthening and diversifying our investment operations to make delivering innovative solutions possible in 2020. With every transaction we continued to bring our trademark expertise, integrity, and reliability, ensuring our strategy met RGA’s rigorous standards while positioning our clients for future growth.

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