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  • Suzy Scanlon

    Despite the physical separation, in many ways RGA employees became more connected to one another, to clients, and to partners.

    Suzy Scanlon

    Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer

RGA’s Global Information Technology (IT) team’s first priority is to protect the organization and our clients by further strengthening our security posture and adhering to regulatory requirements. The events of 2020 perpetuated a complex, global operating environment and introduced new risks. In response to urgent needs, global IT teams at RGA expanded the cyber security perimeter to remote working scenarios, provided workforce education to protect against the increase in cyberattacks and social engineering experienced across the market, and implemented key data privacy and protection measures. These actions enabled consistent operations for RGA during a turbulent time.

Due to the imminent health and safety risk COVID-19 posed to the global RGA workforce, as well as to clients and partners, remote working practices were put into effect for all offices across the globe, virtually overnight.

Our infrastructure foundation was well-positioned for this shift thanks to prior strategic planning by the IT, Business Continuity, and Pandemic Risk teams. We implemented many changes to relieve performance concerns and to further digitize business processes including employee onboarding and offboarding.

IT representatives also participated in regular Site Crisis Management Team meetings globally to ensure business needs were being met. The accelerated enterprise-wide deployment of Microsoft Teams and Zoom allowed 98% of the organization to simultaneously work remotely, while providing a secure and effective platform for internal and external communication and collaboration. Despite the physical separation, in many ways RGA employees became more connected to one another, to clients, and to partners.

The strength of a company’s culture can often be measured by how its people react to adversity. The RGA Global IT team’s innovation mindset and flexibility, as well as previous experimentation, helped the organization make the shift to remote working rapidly and successfully, and ensured the workforce was equipped to work from anywhere.

    • Lydia Aguerre
      Lydia Aguerre

      Senior Vice President, Global Organization & Talent Development and EMEA Human Resources

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