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  • Dr. Dan Zimmerman
    Dr. Dan Zimmerman

    Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical and Managing Director, Longer Life Foundation

    Supporting scientific research for longer, healthier lives

    “The Longer Life Foundation reflects RGA’s long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility and our passion for improving people’s lives.”

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  • Michael Keating
    Michael Keating

    Vice President, Business Continuity Management

    Long-standing, dedicated team prepared RGA for pandemic

    “Previous work was essential for business continuity, allowing RGA to start seeing trends and modifying business operations earlier than others.”

  • Stephanie Koch
    Stephanie Koch

    Senior Vice President, Global Analytics and In-force Management

    Pandemic risk modeling crucial to navigating the crisis

    “The critical role modeling expertise plays in advancing RGA’s mission has never been more evident than it was in 2020.”

  • Doug Knowling
    Doug Knowling

    Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Global Data and Analytics

    Building trust through ethical data practices

    “At RGA, effective analysis of data is integral to our business, and responsible use of that data requires the constant assessment of practices across our global operations."

  • Catie Muccigrosso
    Catie Muccigrosso

    Vice President, Underwriting Operations, U.S. Mortality Markets

    Accelerating the future of underwriting

    “The pandemic has hastened the evolution of the industry and highlighted that in-depth knowledge, preparation, and flexibility are more essential than ever.”

  • Tony Cheng
    Tony Cheng

    Executive Vice President, Head of Asia

    RGA Asia strengthens regional teams with four local leaders

    “New RGA executives bring years of experience, diverse perspectives, and a common mission: to create long-term value for our stakeholders.”


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