Alain Néemeh

Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

RGA has been prudently expanding outside of the United States for 25 years and into products adjacent to individual mortality for almost 20 years. When entering new markets, we rarely had a first-mover advantage. Despite that, RGA has demonstrated an ability to compete with existing players, bring value, and innovate, establishing successful franchises across 26 countries and serving clients in more than 80 markets. We have built our strong brand around client-centricity coupled with unmatched underwriting capabilities.

Not surprisingly, RGA again was ranked #1 globally and in 12 individual markets by cedants in NMG Consulting’s All Respondent Business Capability Index. This does not happen by accident. It is driven by our commitment to the success of our clients and the application of industry-leading capabilities and global resources on their behalf.

As the only global reinsurer focused exclusively on the life and health industry, RGA has the capacity and the capabilities to deliver custom solutions to global clients as well as local insurers within each market. This was prominently demonstrated in 2016 when RGA’s Global Health team implemented the largest international health transaction in company history: a multi-year International Private Medical Insurance agreement covering multiple territories and risk carriers. Winning the business was an extensive process that displayed RGA’s expertise in structuring innovative transactions. It also highlighted our unique position in the industry: RGA was the only reinsurer to provide the client with one global team as the central point of contact.

Thanks to a well-established global platform serving a loyal customer base, we have solid momentum. We will build upon our past successes by selecting and executing the most compelling opportunities in every market we serve.

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