John Laughlin

Executive Vice President, Global Financial Solutions

RGA’s growth and success over more than four decades can be attributed in large part to one primary driver: an unrelenting focus on our clients. By staying nimble, flexible, and open-minded, we have responded both proactively and reactively to changing client needs. Our foundational mortality business has continually innovated and expanded capabilities to support the industry, enabling diversification into multiple business lines.

And the industry is evolving faster than ever. Aging populations are driving increased demand for living benefits and savings products. Meanwhile, reaching the younger demographic requires innovating in the digital space and adapting to modern consumer behaviors. Insurers face added price pressure, greater demand for accelerated underwriting, and increased need to mitigate longevity risk. The macro environment brings additional challenges through demanding regulatory requirements and prolonged low interest rates.

Within this dynamic landscape, RGA innovates from a position of strength. Our talented professionals leverage established skills and capacity to develop client solutions in related areas. RGA’s expertise in longevity risk assessment, for example, provides a distinct advantage in structuring innovative approaches to improve clients’ capital efficiency and effectiveness. In 2016, this resulted in a first-of-its-kind longevity swap in France, a series of longevity transactions in the U.K., and new longevity initiatives in North America.

With leading capabilities and a balanced portfolio of business, RGA is well-positioned to expand and deepen an already strong operating platform. We see opportunities to innovate within traditional reinsurance and financial solutions, as well as emerging prospects beyond our core business. Moving forward, RGA’s disciplined diversification will advance the same way it always has: executing on a proven strategy.

Year of Product Introductions

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