Asia Pacific Operations

From left, from RGA India: Vinayak Pai, Director, Business Development; Deepak Panchal, Chief Manager, Claims; Sakthikumar Jagannathan, Associate Director, Valuation and Re-Admin.


Asia Pacific operations support clients throughout the region from RGA offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Principal reinsurance products include individual and group life, living benefits, Retakaful, superannuation, annuity, and financial solutions. In 2017, RGA was named “Life Reinsurer of the Year” at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards.

Asia Pacific operations enjoyed a landmark year in 2017, surpassing $2 billion in net premiums for the first time, representing an increase of 22% over 2016. Growth was primarily organic, driven by new product development in response to aging populations and changing consumer demands.

Innovations in critical illness (CI) and impaired lives coverage remained a hallmark of RGA throughout Asia. In Singapore, RGA helped a key client introduce market-first CI coverage for diabetics. A comprehensive protection plan for impaired lives (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) in Hong Kong incorporated a wellness program into medical, CI, and life coverage. In India, RGA developed new CI offerings while also introducing the first product to cover dengue fever, malaria, and chikungunya.

Innovation extended to all markets, across product lines, and along every step of the insurance value chain – often accelerated by cross-market collaboration. Wellness projects gained momentum as RGA developed first-in-market programs in Taiwan and supported additional wellness solutions throughout the region. “Claims as a Business” initiatives leveraged claims data to explore high-return cross-sell and upsell opportunities in a growing number of markets. Other noteworthy advances included a health management program for seniors in Korea and innovative level premium reinsurance structures in Hong Kong.

Once again, RGA combined established underwriting expertise, modern technologies, and new sources of data to accelerate the customer journey. In Japan, where RGA reviewed a record 85,008 cases facultatively in 2017 (not including e-underwriting cases or RGA’s Advantage Program), digitization of health checks provided a new opportunity to speed the underwriting process and facilitate preferred pricing. RGA Korea remained a preferred partner for simplified issue (SI) products, reinsuring a leading share of the market’s SI business.

In Australia, continued strengthening of RGA’s portfolio of business generated improved results amid challenging market conditions. RGA Australia remains focused on long-term growth, building on a strong position in the group reinsurance market while exploring innovation opportunities in data analytics and digital solutions. As ownership of local insurance operations shifts to global insurers and a more sustainable market takes shape, RGA is well-positioned to meet emerging client needs.


Asia Pacific Operations Net Premiums

(in millions USD)


Asia Pacific Operations ended 2017 with $552 billion of life reinsurance in force.

Total net revenues surpassed $2 billion for the first time, representing a 25% increase over 2016.

In 2017, RGA ranked #1 on NMG Consulting’s All Respondent Business Capability Index in the Asia region in aggregate for the sixth consecutive year, and in the Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand markets.



Tony Cheng

Executive Vice President,
Head of Asia

Why was 2017 such a successful year for RGA Asia Pacific?

We succeeded in 2017 the same way we have succeeded for more than two decades: relentless client focus. When you
see the market from the client’s perspective and approach your work with a true partnership mindset, it drives you to innovate constantly and seek new ways to meet market needs. This leads to novel product development and expansion into related product lines. In 2017, we combined our vast mortality and morbidity experience with new sources of information to generate data-driven solutions. We developed holistic products requiring RGA’s cross-functional expertise as well as partnerships with third-party service providers. Overall, we strengthened clients’ capacity and amplified their capabilities to meet changing consumer demand.

How do RGA Asia Pacific teams collaborate across business lines?

Collaboration across markets and business lines is fundamental to RGA’s operational philosophy – in Asia Pacific and around the globe. As we pursue emerging opportunities, this collaboration becomes even more vital to success. In 2017, one of our biggest transactions in Asia grew out of a yearly renewable term product we launched a few years ago. As that product generated more income for our client, it also created significant capital challenges. RGA’s traditional reinsurance experts worked with our Global Financial Solutions team to develop an innovative reinsurance structure to meet the client’s needs. It is a great example of the unique capabilities that distinguish RGA.

What is your vision for RGA’s future role within the Asian insurance industry?

I have always envisioned RGA as the recognized intellectual center of the life and health industry in Asia – insurers’ go-to resource for next-generation solutions. Consistent successes in product development, underwriting innovation, and data analytics indicate we are well on our way. As we bring RGA’s global experience and expertise in financial solutions to bear in Asian markets, our value to clients only increases. I see RGA as a catalyst in bringing about structural and regulatory change in the region that will benefit insurers and consumers alike. Our approach is already producing remarkable results, and we are ideally positioned to build on this momentum in the years to come.